Why I’m Running for Mayor of Cleveland

This spring, I held a listening tour in every one of Cleveland’s 17 wards, and I heard from you loud and clear.

Cleveland is in a crisis unlike any time in its 225-year history. People are hurting. People are sick and dying from this pandemic. And this pandemic has exacerbated the existing problems of disparity, poverty, crime, and unemployment.

I see the struggle our city is going through every day. I feel it in each call from a small business owner that needs help just to keep their doors open, and I feel it when I receive calls asking if I know of anyone hiring. My wife who is a nurse sees the devastation caused by this pandemic every time she reports to work.

Growing up, I saw what unemployment and foreclosure can do to a family — my family. I know how stressful poverty is and how it can devastate a family.

But where we are today is not where we have to stay. There is a new path forward. There is a path that leads us not back to where we were, but to where we can be. With the right leadership and the right priorities, our great City will not only survive, but thrive. Together, we must forge a new path forward. I have the experience, the energy, and the vision to make that happen.

Anyone who thinks Cleveland is going to give up just doesn’t understand Cleveland. We have the strength of character to handle this storm. We have proven that we can survive anything, but just surviving is not good enough. We must do much more.

We must do more so that we lift the entire city up because every neighborhood must count. Every family and every person must count, no matter where they live, their race, creed, color, or orientation. My dream for the future of Cleveland is one in which no neighborhood or person is left behind. We will all succeed, together.

To join our fight for Cleveland, just go to kevinforcle.com to get involved!




City Council President, City of Cleveland

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Kevin J. Kelley

Kevin J. Kelley

City Council President, City of Cleveland

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